Friday, January 25, 2013

ILMUNC- Day 2: The Saga Continues

2 PM: I go to committee in a much better mood than yesterday after a morning of eating, walking, bookstores, and an exhibit on the Prohibition. Equipped with a coloring book and a cheesesteak, I feel prepared to get through the next three hours.

2:05: I left my cell phone in the room. Crap.

2: 07: I feel so lost. I try to text TallGirl about this feeling, then remember that I can't. Desolating isolation fills me.

2:11: What if someone is trying to call me? What if I get an email?

2:15: A guest speaker comes to talk to us about minority cultures. He's actually really interesting. I color idly while I listen.

3:15: The speaker finishes. I go get my phone.

3:17: I sigh in relief as I reunite with my baby.

4: I send TallGirl pictures of my coloring book masterpieces.

5:30: Dinner break. We walk through snow to eat sushi.

7: Back to committee. I succeed in being noticed and get to speak. My point comes out a little more bitter than I intended.

10: I climb 16 flights of stairs to my room and collapse on the bed

11: The 'Delegate Fest' begins. We wait twenty- five minutes for an elevator before taking the stairs. In a dark ballroom, a band all the way from New York City is played an instrumental version of Stacy's Mom. We stuff sodas in our pockets and make our escape

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