Monday, February 4, 2013

I Want to Start Sending Passive Aggressive Candygrams

            Dear Obnoxious,
It sucks that we’re not talking. I’m sorry you’re a total witch with a ‘b’- it must make things difficult. Miss ya!

            Dear Date-Stealer,
Hey, I know you hooked up with my Winter Formal date. I hope you don’t have any STDs. Happy Valentines Day!

            Dear Teacher,
Thanks for that Geography test! You were right- the third essay question was necessary.

            Dear Friend,
Remember that time we were supposed to go see the new Twilight movie but you ditched me for that girl who you really hate now? We should totally watch it now that it’s out on DVD!

            Dear Administrator,
After reflecting during my detention, I’ve decided it’s totally reasonable that leggings are against the dress code but yoga pants aren’t. 

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